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Almost every day during the month of June 2016, Mary Beth Shaw (owner of StencilGirl Products and mixed media artist extraordinaire!) is doing live videos featuring tutorials of different products and projects using stencils. You can watch them on Facebook,. or find them all in one place here! You'll find new ways to use your stencils, as well as new products to use with them. You'll be amazed at all of the things you can do with the fabulous stencil designs from StencilGirl Products.

Not all of the videos are posted here, so make sure to keep up with StencilGirl's Live Facebook videos on our video page.

Video #1: Fear No Stencil!

Video #2: Stencil, Paint, Layer, Repeat

Video #3: Can You Say Art Journal?

Video #4: Wine & Journaling

Video #5: Alcohol Inks and Stencils

Video #6: Using Golden Mediums & Grounds with StencilGirl Products

Video #7: Stencils & Acrylic Skins

Video #8: Behind the Scenes at StencilGirl Products

Video #9: Stencils and Gelatin Plates

Video #10: More Wine and Journaling!

Video #11: More StencilGirl Stencils and Gelatin Printing

Video #12: Stencils and Stitching

Video #13: Stencils Go to a Scrapbook Show!

Video #14: Stencils & Color in Unconventional Ways (AKA, no sponges!)

Video #15: Doodling with Stencils