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Stencils for mixed media art are extremely versatile, can be used many times, and can open you to a whole new level of creativity. Perfect for art or crafting, our range of stencil designs are created by artists, so you can have a truly unique look on whatever medium you use. With so many options and so many styles, get started with stencils today and let your imagination lead the way!

Mixed Media Stencils

Since our stencils are designed by artists, our collection is always growing; check this page regularly for new stencils and helpful videos on how to use them. These durable, long lasting, artsy stencils can be used in mixed media, paper crafts, fiber arts, encaustic, beadwork and more. Add your own special artwork to any surface you can find, and check out our Tutorials page for new ideas. We have helpful videos to instruct how to use stencils with a variety of different media.