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Carolyn Dube, a little kid in a grown up body, has an addiction that doctors have said is incurable: an addiction to color and art supplies. Symptoms include blue and green spray ink stain on the cuticles, splatters of paint on every article of clothing no matter how hard she tries to avoid it, the compulsive need to cover up all white space with art supplies, uncontrollable excitement when new products are released, and a fever for things that sparkle.

Carolyn spent 10 years trapped in the body of a school teacher before realizing her true place in the universe was as a mixed media artist. It is no surprise that she has a talent for tutorials and step-by-step blog posts. She shares practical real world “I can do this” type of tutorials so everyone can experience the joys of creating art too. She's written articles for Somerset Studio, GreenCraft, and Studios as well as an Art Lesson for Interweave. Carolyn teaches both on-line and in person classes. You can find out about her current workshops and latest adventures on her blog at http://acolorfuljourney.com.

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