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The Playtime collection, by Carolyn Dube, was designed exclusively for StencilClub members and features a variety of fun and whimsical patterns and words ready to be added to your art journals, mixed media artwork, handmade cards, and more. Check out the introductory video to hear more from Carolyn about the inspiration behind this month's stencils!

Looking for more inspiration with this month's collection? Carolyn and our StencilClub Voices have been hard at work with a variety of unique projects that are sure to get those creative juices flowing!

Aug2018 StencilClub - Art Journaling - Carolyn DubeAug2018 StencilClub - Mixed Media - Natalie LewisAug2018 StencilClub - Art Journaling - Margie Murphy
Aug2018 StencilClub - Mixed Media - Beth BroadwayAug2018 StencilClub - Stenciled Air Elemental - Carol Baxter