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Multi-Media artist, Motivational Speaker, Instructor

“Art is an extension of the world we see, to paint is the tangible feelings of what we experience, and to create is an expression of our very souls.” -Desiree

Desiree Habicht is a multimedia and mixed media artist specializing in alternating and combining mediums. She enjoys pushing boundaries as she often lets one medium overlap into another, breaking all the rules with stunning results. Although representational in her work, she calls it “creative realism with a twist”. Her fiber art often uses multiple techniques as it tells her story and depicts her fascination with the things around her. “It is the act of creating, the love of the process that fuels everything I do.” Desiree's award-winning art can be found in books and magazines and is held in collections both commercially and privately. Whether she is working in fiber, pastel, watercolor, or designing on a commercial level, it’s not about the medium, but her insatiable desire to create. Desiree’s other passions are her family and being outdoors in nature, taking the time to appreciate every day.

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