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The exclusive January 2020 StencilClub set is designed by Mary Beth Shaw. The large 9" x 12" stencil made up of cubes and more cubes for your linear art pleasure. Mary Beth is excited about all the abstract layering potential of this stencil when used in your art. And you know how much she loves her grids. Well, the simple crisscross in the 6" x6" stencil is something she's been jonesing for and how you can enjoy it too. The mini 4" x 4" is an actual riff of hand-drawn elements in her art journal. Because StencilClub is where it's at!

Check out the reveal video to learn more about the designs in Mary Beth's Private Collection 20.1, available only to StencilClub members.

Here is a little inspiration just for you from our January StencilClub Voices: