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Stencils can be fabulous frameworks for doodling. Be it Zentangle patterns or random squiggles, you can transform your stencil designs into works of art with just your pen! Click on any of the images below to see a tutorial and more details on how each of these projects was made.

Stenciled Doodled Bird Cards - Michael Trent Doodled Stenciled Heart Cards - Michael Trent Stendoodling Heart Cards by Michael Trent
Stendoodled Heart Card by Michael Trent Stenciled Doodled Elephant Card by Michael Trent Stendoodled Color Wheel Card - Michael Trent
Calendar Doodled with Stencils Tutorial - Michael Trent

Love the look of doodling but not the time it takes? Maria McGuire's Doodle It stencils do the work for you! Check out how she uses one of her stencils in this video: