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This month's StencilClub stencils, designed by Jessica Sporn, came about because of a request from our StencilClub members for peacock stencils! You asked, we delivered! The peacock is the perfect choice for the first kit of the new year since it symbolizes renewal - hence the words "refresh, renew, restore" in the 4x4 stencil. The 9x12 is an abstracted version of a peacock tail, and the 6x6 is a lovely front-facing peacock. This set, with Jessica's trademark whimsical style, is sure to be a classic and a must-have in your stencil collection!

Here's Jessica to tell you more about this month's stencils (watch to see some of the beautiful samples she created as well!)

As if that wasn't enough to get you excited to use these stencils, look at what our creative team came up with this month! Just click on any of the images below to go to a blog post with even more photos, some videos, and a tutorial or two.

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Jan2014 StencilClub - Art Journal 1 - Janet JoehlinJan2014 StencilClub - Art Journal 2 - Janet JoehlinJan2014 StencilClub - Art Journal 3 - Janet Joehlin
Jan2014 StencilClub - Art Journal 4 - Janet JoehlinJan2014 StencilClub - Art Journal 5 - Janet Joehlin