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Our exclusive January 2019 StencilClub collection is a "Mash Up!" by Mary Beth Shaw and Seth Apter. When Mary Beth and Seth get together to make art you know it's going to be wild and wonderful.To design this set, each of them chose some of their favorite motifs from the other person's stencils and then added their own touches... be it enlarging a design, adding drips, and more.

The 9” x 12” stencil features randomly shaped tossed numbers, a long row of soft-edged squares and rectangles that create great texture and pattern, and scribbled marks with wonky circles interspersed throughout the design.

The 6" x 6" stencil has a row of thick drips that's perfect for creating borders or adding to the letters of an art journal page title. There's also a fabulous mask element full of abstract lines and rectangles that makes great texture and also works beautifully for gelatin printing. There are also rows of circles with random Xs in each opening.

Finally, the 4" x 4" stencil is all about hash marks. Repeat them to make rows or columns of lines or a whole background of pattern and texture. Or just mask of specific elements to use them individually.

Check out the introduction video where Seth and Mary Beth share even more about this month's fabulous designs.

Are you as excited about these stencils as we are? Just wait until you see all of the amazing sample projects from Mary Beth, Seth, and our StencilClub Voices - you can see them below. (Click on any image to go to the original blog post.)

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