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The July 2018 StencilClub collection, "Ceramic Tiles" by StencilGirl Artist Gwen Lafleur features three intricate and exclusive designs inspired by antique and historic tile patterns and motifs. The 9" x 12" stencil is a repeating design featuring a rosette medallion, the 6" x 6" is embellished with fleurs de lys, and the 4" x 4" is a quarter repeat stencil that takes inspiration from vintage California-style tiles as well as Mexican Talvana tiles.

Check out the intro video from Gwen to learn more about the inspiration for each design, as well as some fun tips about how the different stencil designs work together. You'll also get a peek at the exclusive online class that comes with this month's kit!

Ready for some inspiration? Here are a few samples from Gwen, including a peek at the exclusive club project:

July2018 StencilClub - Mini Art Journal - Gwen LafleurJuly2018 StencilClub - Art Journaling - Gwen LafleurJuly2018 StencilClub - Collage Paper - Gwen Lafleur
July2018 StencilClub - Art Journaling 2 - Gwen Lafleur

For those who have never used one of Gwen's quarter repeat stencil designs before (like the 4" x 4" in this collection,) she's put together this video showing how to use them.