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Mary Beth Shaw and Nathalie Kalbach designed the July 2021 Mash-Up Set exclusively for StencilClub members.

You get all three exclusive member stencils when you join.
  • The large 9x12 inch stencil is easy to use to create repeating patterns. It evolved from Mary Beth's Leaf Diamond and Nathalie's Hamilton stencils.
  • The small 6x6 inch pulls in elements perfect for layering to create stunning patterns.
  • A baby elephant completes the set as a mini 4x4 inch stencil, open, so you can paint one color and then slide another stencil underneath and paint with a contrasting color.
You also get a Project video and PDF that Mary Beth and Nathalie made especially for you that you can download and keep.

Get the details & join StencilClub.

Project sneak peek: