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This month's exclusive collection of stencils, "Fragmented" by Nathalie Kalbach, is full of whimsical and semi-abstract designs that are based on paintings she used to do that were made up of bits and pieces of the sites of her home city of Hamburg, Germany.

The stencils themselves are actually masks, which means that they're perfect for monoprinting with a gel plate. The 9x12 stencil is like a cityscape, the 6x6 is kind of like looking through a window! The 4x4 has two people and a heart. Of course, you may see something different in these designs - put your own interpretation on them!

Hear more about this month's stencils and their inspiration from Nathalie in her introductory video:

Here you can get a sneak peek of one of the projects that Nathalie share in the videos that go with this set (available only to StencilClub members!)

Working with Fragmented StencilClub Stencils - Nathalie Kalbach