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Mary Beth Shaw and Kristie Taylor have picked their faves and played with the sizes for this month's exclusive StencilClub collection!
The November 2020 Shaw-Taylor Mash-up set of stencils can stand alone or complement existing stencils you may already own in different sizes.
  • Diamond Dot is bigger and while it is not specifically a repeating 6" x 6" stencil, it is easy to line up the dots for a repeating pattern.
  • Kristie loved Mary Beth's Tile Maze but wanted to use it as a background and so it evolved into a large 9" x 12" stencil.
  • Mary Beth loves patterns and Kristie's Tri Textured Sheet Metal is now a larger pattern but in a mini 4" x 4" stencil.
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Kristie and Mary Beth are ready to tell you more about their Mash-Up set:

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