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The exclusive stencils for the October 2013 StencilClub, designed by Jessica Sporn, reflect the importance of yoga in her daily life (Jessica is also a yoga instructor!) This month's collection explores the intersection of art and yoga and brings us images of meditation, lotus blossoms, Mountain pose, as well as one of the Mudras of the Buddha. These beautiful stencils can be used as-is, or you can take different pieces of them to help create expressive designs in your own art journaling or mixed media work.

Here's Jessica to tell you more about them (and give you a few sneak peeks of her projects!)

You can also see what our creative team has been up to - click on the images below to see the original blog posts with more photos and even a video tutorial!

Oct2013 StencilClub - Mixed Media Canvas - Jessica SpornOct2013 StencilClub - Art Journal - Carolyn DubeOct2013 StencilClub - Art Journal - Maria McGuire