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The December 2015 exclusive StencilClub kit comes from Mary Beth's Private Collection. These are the stencils that Mary Beth designs to use in her own work that she only shares with her friends in the StencilClub. This year, Mary Beth has been working a lot with mark making, using different brush sizes, and loosening up her arm as she paints. The 9x12 stencil helps adapt this style to a smaller size, the 6x6 number stencil this month was inspired by the left-over negative part of a number sticker sheet, and the 4x4 is a doodle that's perfect for adding motion and detail to your work. All three of these stencils are super versatile! Watch the video below to hear Mary Beth talk about the stencils and their inspirations, and to see examples of her artwork using this month's stencils.

Now check out what our creative team has done with this month's stencils! Click on any of the images below to go to the blog post where you can see more photos and details about the projects.

Dec2015 StencilClub - Mixed Media - Mary Beth ShawDec2015 StencilClub - Art Journal 1 - Mary NasserDec2015 StencilClub - Art Journal 2 - Mary Nasser
Dec2015 StencilClub - Art Journal 1 - Gwen LafleurDec2015 StencilClub - Art Journal 2 - Gwen LafleurDec2015 StencilClub - Art Journal - Janet Joehlin
Dec2015 StencilClub - Mixed Media 1 - Janet JoehlinDec2015 StencilClub - Mixed Media 2 - Janet Joehlin