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This month's exclusive StencilClub collection comes from Mary Beth Shaw's private collection. These are the stencils she creates for herself and her close friends (which includes StencilClub members, of course!) This month's designs are what Mary Beth calls a Pattern Pack; you actually get nine different stencils instead of our usual three! This is because you can cut your 9x12 stencil into seven different designs (or you can leave it intact if you'd prefer.) These designs all work with each other giving you endless pattern combinations. Check out this introductory video from Mary Beth to hear more about this month's designs and see how she cuts apart the stencil to get it ready to use in her work.

Now that you've seen the stencils, are you ready for some inspiration? Here's some of what our creative team has done with the October collection. Just click on any of the images to see a full post with more photos and information.

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