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Andrew loves and craves to find anything that is visually unusual & interesting. Ever since his first visit to New York World's Fair in 1964, he has been hunting for the unusual forms & textures anywhere he goes. Spent quite bit of childhood time with construction toys and building tree forts in his backyard. Graduated from University of Bridgeport with a degree in Industrial Design, and has designed exhibits for National Park Service, Federal Aviation Administration, NASA, and various toy manufacturers (showrooms). Also has done product designs for a few electronic & medical equipment manufacturers. Obtained his masters degree in computer science and worked in a pharmaceutical industry for seventeen years. Before he left the corporate environment to return back to the creative field, he kept his creative spirit alive by traveling all over the country for various art retreats and workshops in paper arts, book arts, mixed media, collage, printmaking and letterpress printing. He is currently self-employed as a designer/artist/instructor, and is a member of Nature Printing Society and Center for Book Arts.
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